God of Justice

(Posted in conjunction with the Twitter #FaithfulFilibuster event)

God of justice, God of freedom,
Maker of the heavens and earth:
All earth’s people are your children,
Through your love you gave us birth.
All are made in your own image,
So we honour each one’s worth.

God of love, you show compassion
To the poor, and take their side;
Feed the hungry, raise the humble,
Lower the mighty in their pride.
While the poor are always with us
Justice should not be denied.

Help us, Lord, to work for justice;
Shape our lives to seek the lost;
Not take refuge in possessions,
Give and never count the cost;
Set our hearts upon your kingdom;
Follow Christ, take up our cross.

Let the message of God’s justice
For the poor, the blind, the lame,
Be made known in all the nations
Through the gospel we proclaim,
In our words and by our actions,
For the glory of your name.

@2006 Allan Dickinson

(These words have been registered with CCLI, so please feel free to use them as you wish, and include your usage in your regular CCLI report.  The hymn has been written in the metre 87 87 87, so can be sung to several standard hymn tunes, e.g. ‘Rhuddlan’)

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