Allan’s poetry

This is Michael, Allan’s son. Sadly, my father passed away suddenly on Sunday night. He is deeply missed, not only by family and church friends, but by the wide network of friends he made on the Internet, particularly the M.E. support group on Twitter.

This group understood this often misunderstood illness and supported each other with love. Dad often felt frustrated with how little he could physically do, but he was a (comparatively) tireless Tweeter; his deep love and desire to help gave him the strength to provide comfort to so many.

As well as the support from friends and family, his main source of strength was his Christian faith. He has blogged about that on here before, but I want to pay tribute to him here. His faith was constantly challenged, questioned and reaffirmed and he lived it out as well as any human being could. He knew his Bible so well and he lived a life overflowing with the love of his Saviour.

He also wrote poetry and I would like to share a few of his poems here about faith and M.E. I hope they bring comfort and hope to his fellow spoonies, princesses and friends. 
There will be no further posts from this account; I wish you all well and leave you with his words.

This is my body

May I never seek nor choose to be
            Other than you intend or choose

So if this body, struggling with M.E.,
            At the mercy of unpredictable signals
            From its central nervous system;
If this body is what you intend and wish for me
            Then do not let my sickness and disability
            Distract me from your love.

Though the cells in my body
            Do not produce enough energy,
Yet each cell is made from love, made of love
            And can still produce love.
I am from love, of love, for love,
            With every fibre of my being.

May I therefore:
            Love you with all my heart,
                         Though it beat erratically;
            Love you with all my mind,
                         Though it may stumble in fog;
            Love you with all my strength,
                         Though it may fail to do what I need;
           And love you with all my soul,
                         Which you have washed clean

This is my body, given to me;
             And so I give it back to you
             In thankfulness and joy.

(5th November 2011)


Love the Lord your God…

…with all your strength:
although that is very little,
when an hour’s activity
forces a next day’s rest;

…with all your mind:
although you struggle to concentrate
and you can’t take anything in,
and all seems like fog;

…with all your heart:
although it beats with palpitations,
or drops the flow of blood to the brain
and makes you faint;

…with all your soul:
when this is all that’s left intact,
which cannot be harmed by physical illness,
the still centre where you meet God.

I am called to love God with all of my being,
with all of M.E.

(24th October 2010)

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